5 Ways to Incorporate Family in Your Proposal

1.     Throw a party

Don’t ruin the surprised by making it obvious, throw a party for her and invite everyone. For example, if it’s her birthday, throw her a surprise party and invite everyone, dress nice and pop the question, which will not only surprise her, but also the whole family.


2.     Invite them to dinner

Invite your “soon to be” and the whole family out for a night out at your favorite restaurant. You can either inform her parents about what’s going on or surprise everyone. Either way, figure out a way where everyone can witness and be apart of this night. When the time is right, pop the question! You will have everyone in the restaurant just as excited as your family.


3.     Propose on a family vacation

Full of sun and family, it’s the perfect combination for the perfect proposal. Go with the family to a nice vacation spot and pop the question under a perfect sunset or dinner on the beach. Take advantage of the beautiful views and the amazing food. The family will be there and cheering you on.


4.     Propose over the holidays

Plan it out on her favorite holiday and when everyone will be in town. Whether it’s under fireworks on July 4th or by the beautiful tree on Christmas, you’re sure to make a statement. Everyone will be there, so there wouldn’t be a hassle gathering everyone to celebrate.


5.    Ask family to work with
your proposal planner

What better way for them to participate in the proposal than to help plan it? Create a great plan with your family or your soon to be family. Another option is to put them in touch with a proposal planner to assist with bringing some unique memories to life. Once the plan is in motion and everyone knows his or her lines, find the perfect moment to pop the question. No one knows your significant other better than his or her family and friends. Even your family would love to help you take that next step into being with someone. Either way, it helps to have family around to take the pressure off and help you when you need them the most.


If you’re stuck on ideals on how to propose, I can help you. Contact me to learn more.