Why Did I Choose This Career?


In year of 2015, my sister’s boyfriend proposed to her and right by the Brooklyn Bridge. The moment was perfect, but they were missing some things, such as photos, a video, or even some decorations. My sister wished she had a chance to show us how it all happened. She felt like that moment deserved to be captured and shared with the world. One in five women are left disappointed by their man’s proposal when each proposal is meant to be unique and celebrated. One of the things I fell in love with was creating memories for someone and seeing the smile on their face. I want to not only spread joy but also create incredible moments that last forever.

I really wish I had a photographer to capture the entire proposal, because her reaction was priceless
— Derrell Collins

I built my business on the concept of love so; I decided to add on a Matchmaking service. My Matchmaking events grew from my desire to help my single friends find someone and have fun while doing it. Every event and proposal I do, remind me why I chose this career. Love is a beautiful thing to witness. I’m grateful that my business allows me to help and spread the true blossom of love

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