Match Making


Are you single in the DMV and finding it hard to make genuine connections with someone? Perhaps you’ve tried dating apps and you’re tired of swiping left for hours. Or perhaps you’ve attended a singles event and made nor connection and had no fun either. I’m here to make dating fun and exciting again for you, no swiping required.

At Simone Barnes, my approach to match making is personalized and in person. I interview every candidate I accept making sure they pass my background and match making requirements. Every client I take has a unique profile that stays private within my match making portfolio. My goal is to bring you some fun and excitement at my events, then set you up on dates with those you’ve made a meaningful connection with. If you haven’t made a connection, come to another event with new singles and see if some sparks fly. I take a limited number of clients (10 males 10 females) per event to provide one v one coaching and to maximum your dating experience. These events are a great place to have fun & mingle before I set you up on dates with those you’ve connected with.

I’m currently accepting early bird applications for my Fall 2019 events.


How it works


1. Registration

The first step in joining my private match making is to register for a profile. I start you off with some simple questions to get to know you and to get a base knowledge of what you’re looking for in a partner.


2. Create Profile

I set up a consultation with you that dives deeper into your personality type, your interests and I’ll discuss with you potential matches that fit you. I’ll then create a profile for you and schedule you for some headshots to complete your profile.


3. Register for Event

Based on your profile and interests, I’ll set you up for your first event with potential matches. This is a pressure free time for you to have some fun with like minded singles. Introduce yourself to others, make some connections, but feel no pressure, you can sign up for another event if your first event doesn’t spark a connection.


4. Matched

After you’ve made a few connections at my singles events, its time for us to review your potential matches, I start by matching you with those who have shown mutual interest, I recommend dating ideas based on each others profile and help coach each person before and after the date(s) as needed.


5. Dating

So you’re successfully matched! Your contract with me is officially complete congratulations you’re out of the dating game! Not all love stories end up happily ever after, if things change down the line, you’re welcome back to my dating events and you might qualify for some discounts for your next go around.



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Please note not all applications are accepted and spots are limited. Must be 21+ to attend my events
Currently, my events are for straight couples. Events for LGBTQ coming soon.

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