Wedding Proposals


Proposals are a thing of beauty when planned and executed to perfection. As someone looking to propose, you might find yourself stuck. How do I ask her? Where should I ask her? Do I need flowers? These are a few questions that might be going through your mind as you get ready for one of the biggest moments of your life.

At Simone Barnes, we want to make this experience as spectacular as you’ve imagined. We’ll guide you through perfecting your proposal idea, or help you come up with a few options to surprise her. We’ll also plan, design and execute your vision, bringing all the right artists and vendors together to make that special moment unique to you and your spouse. We’ve scouted dozens of romantic locations perfect for a proposal, and we’ve partnered with some of the best vendors in the DMV to provide unique proposal services and our list is growing.

When you take that knee, you’ll have the confidence and support of the team at Simone Barnes knowing that everything is going to go according to plan.


How it Works


Step 1

Introduce Yourself

Fill out the questionnaire below to get started, include as much detail as you have ready. I typically respond within 24hrs but give me a day or two during peak proposal season.

Step 2


After I’ve reviewed your answers to the questionnaire, I would personally schedule a one v one phone consultation with you. We’ll discuss package options, and further details of your proposal. I collect a reservation fee to reserve your date.


Step 3

Meet & Greet

After we’ve settled on your package and you’ve signed your contract, I then get started on designing your proposal! Depending what you want, I’ll schedule a meet & greet to review concepts and ideas with you a few days later. This would grant you the opportunity to see the details of your proposal as well as make any adjustments necessary.

Step 4

Planning & Design

Now that we know exactly how you want to propose, I’ll reserve your location (if necessary), book any additional vendors required, and design/purchase decor such as flowers, balloons, etc. I'll keep you updated every step of the way via your preferred contact method.


Step 5


Depending on your package, I would meet with you before the proposal to review every step. You’ll know exactly what to do and where to be. Ideally, you’ll also meet with the artists and vendors for your proposal so you know who’s working for you. Some packages include a walkthrough, which we capture and include in your final collection. I’ll also answer any questions you might have.

Step 6


This is the day you’ve been waiting for! I usually check in with my clients a few hours before the event, making sure not to ruin the surprise and to let them know everything is in place. My team and I would be waiting for you to capture your moment on film and photos. After we celebrate with you, we then process your images and short film as detailed in your contract. We deliver your collection (Albums, USB, etc.) in person, by mail or digital, whichever is more convenient.




These are a few sample packages to get you an idea of what we can do for you.
We prefer to create custom packages for each of our clients so that they are unique to you and tell your love story.
All packages include your choice of Photography and Videography.

Daisy ($750.00)

This package is designed for those who know what they want and have design plan and execution locked down. You just need a professional photography/videography to capture your moment.

Package includes: Consultation, Photography, Videography, day-of coordination and collection (Photo album + Short Film).


So you know what you want, but you don’t have the time to execute it or worry executing it yourself might ruin the surprise. I can bridge the gap and execute your plan for you. You’ll have your plan mapped out according to your vision without the stress of missing a step

Package includes: Consultation, execution and decorations, photography, videography and collection.


You know how you want to propose, but you don’t know how to plan, design or execute it. I would work with you one v one to bring your idea to life, complete with step by step instructions. Final price depends on your vision.

Package includes: consultation, research and design, location, reservations, execution and decorations, photography, videography and collection.


All you know is you want to spend the rest of your life with that special person, but you have no idea how, where, and what to do. You’re not alone, I’ll help you come up with a unique and creative proposal idea, and best of all, I’ll help you design and execute it.

Package includes: consultation, brainstorming, research and design, location, reservations, execution and decorations, photography, videography and collection.



Let’s Get Started


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